Mestre Samara

samaraMestre Samara started practicing capoeira at the Senzala school in Rio de Janeiro.

He has been taught by Mestre Garrincha.

He has studied for sports instructor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, where he graduated in 1983.

In 1984 he went to Europe and taught capoeira to adults and children in Paris until late 1986.
In January 1987 he founded the Senzala Capoeira School Holland which is his main work untill today

Samara was one of the first to teach Capoeira in Europe, this is now already 30 years ago!
Beside giving many capoeira lessons to children and adults, he also organises and participates in many performances and workshops all over the world.

Together with Mester Marreta he organises the ‘Easter Capoeira Meeting’ in Amsterdam. This has been the largest and one of the most important Capoeira events to help develop Capoeira in Europe throughout the years

His two Capoeira albums, “Capoeira Samara” and “Cantigas de roda”, are a relevant contribution to the Capoeira Music.

His pedagogic skills are highly appreciated by the students and fellow Capoeira teachers.

“In Capoeira, everyone should develop their personal skills and style to find their own way of expression in the fighting play of Capoeira and its Music”

~Mestre Samara ~