Amsterdam 23 sept. 2020

We follow the RIVM and their advice regarding contact sports.

Before & after training
Do the health check. If your answer to one of the questions asked is yes, please stay at home. All students should adhere to the general rules of hygiene proposed by the RIVM. This means washing your hands before and after class with water and soap, sneezing or coughing in your elbow and so on.

Before and after class the normal 1,5m rule applies!

During training
The general idea is to try and keep the 1,5m distance where possible, contact is allowed but should be restricted to the bare minimum in duration and intensity. The longer the contact the higher the possibility of transferring a possible infection. We try and keep the room ventilated as much as possible. In the coming months this might mean a colder environment to train in. Proper training shoes are allowed, that means clean and not too heavy/bulky. Be sure to bring a warm sweater for moments of inactivity. (Music instruction and roda)

Be well, be save and enjoy!

Axé, Safari