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We are a capoeira school based in Amsterdam. Capoeira is a sport in which music, fight, culture, philosophy, dance and acrobatics play a role. Capoeira is being practised by women and men of all age groups and from many different backgrounds. Each individual is different and that’s perfectly fine in the Capoeira world, it makes for a rich mix of characters where everyone adds. All with respect to their own abilities and passions.

Our master (mestre) “Claudio, Samara” has been teaching Capoeira in Amsterdam for more then 30 years. He stems from the Capoeira group “Grupo Senzala” which originates from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This group has been a great influence on the Capoeira and the way it is being thought. Mestre Samara has carried on that tradition and has been one of the key players in the development of Capoeira in Europe. Up until now he is one of the organisers of the Easter meeting in Amsterdam. For many teachers the springboard to a career in Europe. As a result Mestre Samara is regularly invited to come and teach abroad and in the Netherlands.

Come and see if you like it too! Do a free class! We speak various languages in class.


Herman a.k.a Safari

For more information call or e-mail Mestre Samara: +31 620 972 018 mail